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Re: smells like ET spirit

Jim Cooper

> that was my first time seing E.T. too. At Lee's Palace... they sure made
> Pond seem pretty lame that night. ahh, i remember it so clearly now...were
> all the stars & planets aligned that night or what?
me too, i saw the show in moncton at alibis(now the angry irishman, i think?)
it was the first time for me to see SFS, Pond and E.T.  sfs came out and 
were a few hundred notches over the top, they were great!  Then Pond came 
out and blew me away, i loved their set, complete with head band crown:)
the bass player climbed on top of the p.a. speakers, and stood straight 
up, which put his head maybe a foot away from the ceiling, he was 
towering over us.  the comment the crowned singer made was that that was 
almost as scarry as sfs.:) Anyway, that show  made me buy their first 
Eric's Trip were so good, it was my first time seeing them, i didn't 
really know what to expect.  Before the show, i was at sam's where mark 
works, only i had no idea he was in the band.  i told him i was looking 
forward to seeing the show and asked if he'd be there, he said yeah.  
i was looking for him at the show, 'cause i didn't have anyone to talk 
with, couldn't see him, until the band came on...isn't that 
i met up with some pretty nice folks that 
night too!  i was there alone and some kind soul named jane befriended 
me:)  her friends mock-ridiculed me for selling out and buying the 
sub-pop tour shirt, hah i say, it's one of my favourites, tara(s'appart, 
orange glass, elevator to hell) commented on it at the show sunday.
it was a hot muggy moncton night(not the most uncommon thing), i think 
there were thundershower happening outside, and it seems to me that there 
was a short power outage.

moncton, my formative years, jim