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Re: moncton last night

Shant Pelley wrote:
> ummm, well, as it was put by one, "the night the music died".
> i'd *hardly* call it that.

Well, the night E.T. died.  I know and love all of their side projects, 
but there was just something special about them being together in E.T.. 
Somebody else said this also, but I owe a lot to Eric's Trip.  A song 
like My Chest is Empty could have been made by no one else but E.T...  I 
think I'm going to cry!

> my chest is empty part 2 (a song they never recorded)

It's on the derivate Warm Girl seven inch.   

Geez.... I wish... (*sigh*) I had been there.


P.S.  The new moonsocket is a full band cd?  Who's the lineup?  Thanks.
Oh, and does anyone know if it's possible to get a hold of ANYTHING live 
by E.T.  Tape or video?  Their live performances are so intensive, I 
always thought it was only a matter of time before a live CD was 
P.S.  I always wanted to be big in the music world just so that I could 
write a song about E.T.  "I Wish I Lived in Moncton" or something like