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Re: smells like ET spirit

>Oh, definitely, I'm not saying they shouldn't have broken up, because I
>know everybody will be happier this way. I'm just saying that the members
>will still be around individually, which is so much better than them all
>disappearing into oblivion, and they'll all still be playin' music, which
>may in the long run turn out to be better.


true Molly, but what makes me sad is that i may never see Eric's Trip's live
brilliance again as long as i live. while their records were all
masterpieces of lo-fi noise-rock mixed with some of the most beautiful songs
i've ever heard, it was always that anticipation that Eric's Trip were
coming to town!!! that filled me with such excitement 'cause they totally
rawked every time i ever saw them.

>Just think--4 times as many recordings!!!!

it's quality that counts, not quantity... 'though i know all members are
capable of making great records. i kinda suck though 'cuz i have only heard
rick's E.T.H. side project so far & it rewlz. i should get off my ass and
check out the others' real soon... as soon as i get over the break-up, i
might be able to bring myself to accept them as four seperate entities....
<sob>.  i know it's selfish of me, but oh well.

PS. my g/f called from NB and said the show totally rawked... i'm sooo
jealous <sob>.

Hugggs to Molly,