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Re: Next Weeks Much East not to be missed

On 17 Jun 96 at 10:54, jlambert\!/mail.accent.net wrote:

}For those of you who don't know, next weeks much east will be one you will
}not want to miss. The show will basically be all Sloan and Eric's Trip. I
}heard it is going to be about Sloan releasing a new album or something, they
}should hopefully give the release date and title of it. Wow, and I thought
}they broke up. And the ET part will be about their braking up and their
}final show.
}ERIC "braking the news as it happens" Lamda  

For those of you who are tonally impaired when it comes to reading 
the written word, this is what is known as "tongue-in-cheek".  The 
writer is fully aware that Sloan have relesed a new album, and, 
unlike Eric's Trip, have not broken up.  The insertion in quotation 
marks of a silly phrase or pseudonym between the given and family 
names in the signature line is a common tool used to indicate a less 
than serious tone.  Tongue-in-cheek postings, while generally 
frowned upon in scholarly discussion, have become sufficiently 
frequent on many internet forums that they are becoming accepted as 
the norm.

His mispeling of the word "breaking" (twice!) is, however, 

We now return you to our regular, serious, 110% factual debate.

Andrew "absolutely serious and direct" Rodenhiser