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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

>i can't *believe* you're fucking saying this.  Can i hopefully be SOMEHOW
>misunderstanding you??  I guess smart little boys are just too damned genius
>to be blind.... and we all know how they just *love*/and always *do* pay
>attention to everyone and everything.  I guess us poor girls couldn't slap
>the doe out of our eyes to pay attention to an actual guitar string... oh
>and how i WAS hoping to appreciate sloan for their music.  But,
>historically, i couldn't see past their haircuts and the bulge in their
>pants, so who am i to make an opinion, let alone valid criticism??
>ok.  NOW your defenses can go up. 
>CAitlin. ;)

Sorry CAitlan, didn't mean to hit any nerves, though it's obvious that
you're a little tender in this area.  I didn't mean to suggest that all
girls are like this.  Yes, you do not have to be a particular sex to be a
lover of music.  But I thought my "generalizations" were obviously just
that.  You cannot suggest that this does not exist.  Look at our pals the
Beatles or Duran Duran.  Same comparisons can be made today for alot of our
"indie" bands.  This is a warning Treble Charger.

Sorry to all the grrrls who took offence.  CAitlin has the strength to slap
some sense into me.