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Re: hayden (obviously no ec content)

>Hi there!
>>Hi, this is pretty retarded to bring up but has anyone else noticed the
>>major coverage Hayden has got this month in US magazines since his album was
>>released there?  It got a good review in Details, a blurb in 17 as a guy "to
>>watch for", and a two page spread in Spin magazine.  And these are just the
>>ones my friend and I have noticed.  I think that is pretty cool.  I mean,
>>all sloan ever got was the best album you didn't hear in Spin or Rolling
>>stone (can't remember which) in 1994.  Actually, Smeared also got a 5 star
>>review in 17 magazine in 1992.  It's a little known fact.
>In Seventeen they said that he sounds like Eddie Vedder with strep.  Oooh,
>imagine how all the kids are going to drool over him now :)

Sorry to keep dragging this on, because I know it's not EC-related or
anything, but Hayden's also got a profile in this month's Request magazine.
Actually, wait, I do have some EC to add, since we're jivin' 'bout Sloan
and all.  A long, long, time ago, (when this magazine was still good) Sloan
was Sassy's Cute Band Alert.  Actually, jale was too one time.

Just thought you'd all like to know,

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teen-oriented product positioning."
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