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Re: Hip Club Groove

>         Does anyone know about a new Hip Club Groove release soon?? All I
> know is that there working on it and it won't be on murder, at least thats
> what I was told. Someone had said it was gonna be on FunTrip records, is
> that ture??

Hmm, when is a good question. Probably sooner than later. Who is an easy 
question to answer- Funtrip Records. They did some sessions at various 
locations a few months back, but I think that the stuff recorded at (I am 
almost sure it was) IOE will be what you find on the record. Though I 
have been known to be wrong about more stuff than I am right about. In 
the meantime you can get your HCG fix w/ DJ Moves new tape "Hiss" it's 
pretty good. You probably won't be seeing them perform any time soon as 
1/3 of them now live in TO and 2/3 are still here.. maybe they can do a 
"virtual" show via the net? 


PS: Has anyone heard the new SLOAN record yet? They are one of the most 
beloved bands I know.