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moncton last night

ummm, well, as it was put by one, "the night the music died".
i'd *hardly* call it that.
close to 600 people crammed into the mcnaughton science and technology 
centre to see the first sloan show in new brunswick in over 3 years and 
the last eric's trip show ever. according to p.j. monoxide, over 200 
people had to be turned away from the show!
first of all, none of the bands played anywhere near a perfect set. each 
band had their problems and mistakes, but to be quite honest, that's half 
the fun of a live performance. all three bands played quite enjoyable 
sets, and i wouldn't have missed the evening for *anything!*
thee suddens warmed the crowd up for about 35-40 minutes. they "rawked!" 
they kept the crowd happy in the meantime while waiting for sloan and 
eric's trip to play. chad seemed to be having problems with his new 
(used) guitar, but i couldn't tell if they were technical problems or if 
he'd broken a few strings. anyhow, he managed to get ahold of a 
replacement guitar and finish the set, although they played a song or two 
without him in the meantime.
after a short break, sloan took the stage for a good 50 minutes or so and 
had people singing along and screaming. their set consisted of mostly new 
stuff, but wth a few selections from "twice removed" thrown in for good 
measure. they appear to be having a lot more fun with the new material 
live. the songs certainly translate well live, that's for sure!
i was glad to get to see sloan play with eric's trip a final time, as the 
first two times i ever saw eric's trip were with sloan in 1992 at the 
flamingo and the grawood.
finally came what most of the people were there to see (i know that some 
were there only to see sloan).....the final eric's trip show. you know? 
they were nowhere near polished, but it was certainly the *best* eric's 
trip show i've seen, and i'm sure almost anybody who had the priviledge 
to see it will tell you about the same! they played a good hour and 
twenty minutes....their longest set ever.
the show started off with "lost" from the first demo tape. they got their 
old drummer ed vaughan to play drums on it. that was a real treat! 
however, when mark took the stage to play drums for the rest of the set, 
the audience went nuts! mark is certainly well loved in moncton, and 
definately one of a kind! for that matter, eric's trip has been moncton's 
pride and joy for the past few years, and i suppose knowing this was 
their last show so much more special.
they played a set that followed though their 6-year career in a 
chronological order, that went as follows:
red-haired girl
happens all the time
so easier last time
my chest is empty part 2 (a song they never recorded)
feeling around
alone and annoyed
soon, coming closer
sun coming up
spaceship opening
i'm so near here

the set just seemed to go on forever! there was no lack of energy on the 
part of the band...or the crowd, who jumped up and down and moshed and 
surfed and threw water everywhere throughout the show! they brought in 
their soundman nick from toronto to do the sound for the show. they kept 
the stage lit with two old lamps, one on each side of the stage....just 
like earlier gigs, splashing their shadows very crookedly along the wall 
and the ceiling around the stage. it was certainly an emotional show....if 
not for the band, but at least the people who have followed, supported, 
or even played with them over the past 6 years. surprisingly though, the 
band seemd *so* into the show! 
as they apporached the end of the feedback fest after "spaceship opening" 
the fists went up in the air in appreciation of the band (and mark sat 
behind the drums responding the same way).
the lamps went out and the crowd screamed for more. 
they came back a few minutes later and tried to take a couple of requests 
out of what was screamed by the sea of people crammed up at the stage.
they decided on the few songs to close the show with, and as the others 
left the stage, julie stayed behind and quietly sang a little bit of 
"blinded" while the audience listened. 
it was certainly an amazing evening....but again, i'd *hardly* call it the 
night the music died. i'd call it the beginning.
purple knight have a 7" coming out hopefully this summer on sub pop.
moon socket has a full band cd coming out next week on sappy.
elevator to hell has a new cd in the works for sub pop.
broken girl has her recent cd on sappy, and i'm sure more soon.
there will also be an eric's trip rarites cd released eventually.
we haven't heard the last of *any* of them.