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>red-haired girl
>happens all the time
>so easier last time
>my chest is empty part 2 (a song they never recorded)
>feeling around
>alone and annoyed
>soon, coming closer
>sun coming up
>spaceship opening
>i'm so near here

What a show.  Pissed I missed it.  I've only seen Eric's Trip a handful of
times in Toronto and they've never played "viewmaster".  Always thought it
was because they were doing the "we don't play the hit" thing, but it's nice
to know that they did it at their last show.

I've been a big fan of Eric's Trip for years.  They are probably the finest
band Canada has produced.  I will miss them.  I just thank doG for the
tremendous music they left behind.  Here's to hoping they keep doing so
individually.  That can't be the end of the magic as so many would believe.