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Re: Cute band alert

>At 10:27 AM 6/17/96, Cecil Seaskull wrote:
>>Weren't Sloan cute band of the month in Sassy?  Or am I dreaming?
>When?  Do youi mean now in the era of the anti-sassy or back in the day
>when sassy was cool?  If so it would have been in 93 because smeared didn't
>come out in the states until then.  That said, I don't think they were.

OK, after digging through my Sassy archives, bound and determined to prove
you wrong, I found Sloan to be the Cute Band Alert in the February 1993
Sassy.  Here's what it says:

"Sloan (above) is from the latest hotbed of co-opting, Halifax, Nova
Scotia.  Currently being colonized by Sub Pop, Nova Scotia has a happening
music scene including lots of short-haired girl bands.  It's the Olympia of
Canada.  (You heard it here first.)  I get my information from Joyce
Linehan, czarina of retail promotions at Sub Pop.  Anyway, Sloan is the
leader of that scene, and look how cute!  Their little haircuts just kill
me.  I want to pat their tiny heads.  Not to mention that their Geffen
release Smeared is an uplifting melange of melodic yet noisy guitar pop
that leaves all of that dissonant grunge stuff behind.  Let those
testosterone-laden grungesters rule the runways of Perry Ellis and the
pages of Vogue, while we all move on to the greener pastures of Halifax."

There was that paragraph, along with a really cute picture of the Fab 4
(heh, heh) sprawled out on the ground, with Chris sucking on a Ring Pop and
Jay pulling his own hair out.


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teen-oriented product positioning."
"That, and getting toasted.  Nicely toasted."