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Re: Sloan Trivia

On 16 Jun 96 at 19:55, bduncan\!/infoload.islandnet.c wrote:
}moon\!/generation.net writes:
}> are in it....rob, joel (with *really* long hair), ian, and cliff. i'm
}I might be wrong here, but I don't think Cliff was in the band at that
}time. If I am right, then the real suspect is our very own Mike Catano.

    Bingo.  And the girls are rumoured to be their real girlfriends 
of the time, but I find it hard to believe that they all had 
girlfriends at once :) 
    If I saw it again I might even recognize some of the girls.  And 
who gets the big extended remix kiss at the end?  Joel?
    If he's not tired of answering this question, maybe Mike will 
    By the way, what has become of Dierdre Murphy, who used to sing 
the real sweet parts on the early Thrush Hermit stuff like 
"Picturesque"?  And is she any relation to...