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Re: Sloan Trivia

Scott Horwood wrote:

>   Does anyone remember the first video for Underwhelmed? It was shot in
> someone's den and was grainy-looking. Anyway, I was looking through my
> friend's old junior high yearbook a while back ( he lived in Halifax for a
> few years)
> and thought I recognized some of the teens playing "Spin The Bottle" in
> the video. Anyone care to reveal some names (or maybe you are on sloan
> net yrself)?  he would appreciate it for curiosities sake.
> ps. Rob Benvie was in his class as well.

yeah...i have that video on tape.....all of the members of thrush hermit 
are in it....rob, joel (with *really* long hair), ian, and cliff. i'm 
not sure who any of the girls are though. bye! :)