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EC in H2Oloo!!!

Hey Folks;

I've been waiting a long time, but I finally got some East Coast content on
Beautiful Music For Ugly Children -- a double! Also, there's an upcoming
EC-related show...

On June 21st, 1996, a bunch of touring indie bands from coast to coast play
at Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's College (on the University of Waterloo
campus). The lineup is:

Grace Babies (Halifax)
Shannon Lyon (Waterloo)
Tonebursts (Vancouver)
Licorice Fix (London)
Splitsville (Calgary)
Chickpea (Ottawa)

It's only $5 at the door, doors open at 7:30. It's all ages, of course (I
wouldn't want to sneak into my own show!), and there will be a killer merch
table! Come out and support some good indie music.

Then, on June 23rd, Sunday Midnight (the "CKMS doesn't care about indie
music" slot), Lee Maslin from Squirtgun comes on with a preview of the More
of Our Stupid Noise compilation, featuring all your favourite EC bands and
more. AND... Licorice Fix (London) and Cool Blue Halo (Halifax) just might
show up to play a few tunes... CKMS 100.3 FM.

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