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sloan in the usa

had to drive to Windsor last thursday to get OCTA. what's the deal with the
tunnel?! do that many people gamble on a thursday night??? (tunnel trivia:
the Detroit/Windsor tunnel is the only place in the 48 contiguous states
that you can travel south into Canada.)

I think the new record is great! I think "autobiography" sound more like
the Beatles than any Oasis song i've heard, but it's still one of my
favorite new tracks. is it just me, or does anyone else think "junior
panthers" sounds like the Pet Shop Boys? Whaddya make of the liner notes?

whatever their songs are, I'm glad they're progressing. Sloan would be
boring if they just made the same record over and over and over. I saw the
Cocteau Twins last night and I didn't know half the songs they played
because I haven't listened to their last two records -- the only
progression they've ever really made is that Elisabeth Fraser now uses real
English words instead of just making pretty sounds, which, IMO, makes them
LESS interesting. I don't want to go to a Sloan show 5 years from now and
have the same thing happen, Beatles or no.

According to the sticker on the front, the record will not be available
through record clubs (a good move, IMO), so the only source for Americans
not living near the border will probably be murderecords. here's the info
they give in the catalog that came in my disc:

    CD     US$12.00
    CASS   US$ 8.00
    12"    US$10.00

All prices include shipping, pay in US dollars, preferrably money orders.
No credit cards, as far as I can tell. Address is murderecords, PO Box 2372
Halifax Central, Halifax, NS B3J 3E4.

you'll never find it cheaper in the states -- i paid $13.99 Canadian, which
is less than I usually pay in American dollars!