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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, melted pat wrote:

> 2-Smeared is not grungey...not in the least...you couldn't get any 
> farther from it, really...Sloan were, as has been stated by Geneyus, more 
> influenced by the british scene at the time...all that shoegazer stuff...
> but where I'll disagree, is that if I recall correctly, probably the 
> band to which Sloan owed most of its early sound was Ride...they said so 
> themselves...and I remember when 2X came out, Chris said that the first 
> album was very much inspired by bands like Ride (in particular that second 
> album, with "Leave Them All Behind"...the name escapes me), but that 

The album is called 'going blank again'.....

Though I've heard this comparison many times, I've never really heard alot 
of Ride's sound in 'Smeared'. (maybe it's just me...) I do hear some MBV, 
but I mostly hear stuff from SY's Daydream Nation. IMO, Smeared just doesn't 
full enough to compared to a typical shoegazing album like.....say......Spooky
(if you can consider that a 'typical' shoegazing album).


P.S.- Please don't look at the time on this message...it's pathetic...

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