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it grows on ya

I really agree that Sloan is the kind of band that just grows on you.
If you don't give the new songs and the new album a few good attentive spins
then you might not be that crazy about it.  I have no problem with the
beatles sound, it suits the sloan sound very well and I am glad sloan
decided to try a change, not a big change but a change for sure.  It shows
that they wont always stick to one sound and they are not afraid to be
cheesy, that takes a lot of guts folks, would you be brave enough to make an
album with trumpets on it?

It took me a while to appreciate Sloan because they are an aquired taste
(like wine i guess ) but they have got talent and they write GREAT SONGS and
once you learn to love em you love em alot!!!

for those of you who did'nt like one chord...just keep on listening ok? 

~thats all i have to say about that~