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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Victor G. Catano wrote:

> smeared sounds most like earlier ride, like "smile."  ride have changed 
> their minds about how they're supposed to sound more times than sloan, so 
> if you go and buy tarantula or some other shit record, don't expect it to 
> sound like smeared or anything.  smile is the most similar, and nowhere 
> is pretty close as well (i think it's nowhere... i might be confusing it 
> with going blank again...).

Actually smile is kind of smeared-esque (or vice versa). I just gave it a 
listen (first time in a WHILE). Chelsea girl could have been a song off 
smeared quite easily. I don't own Tarantula but I heard it bites. I don't 
think smeared sounds alot like going blank again, and I think it sounds 
NOTHING like nowhere. Maybe you are thinking of that other one...Carnival 
of light, or whatever...I don't know....I don't own it.

> but really, when you're 
> talking about mbv, it's not the chord progressions that matter.  if you 
> put smeared on next to loveless, they sound completely different from one 
> another, nor do smeared and isn't anything.  so whoever was pegging 
> smeared as some sort of loveless knock off a few days is completely 
> wrong.  just because an album has some noisy guitars on it doesn't mean 
> it sounds like mbv or sonic youth, hell, there aren't even any noisy 
> guitars on loveless.  

This is quite true, smeared has absolutely nothing on IA or Loveless. I 
do think there are some similarities with 'Ecstasy and Wine', though 
I've only heard it maybe five times (maybe someone else has a better 
opinion?), so whoever suggested the comparison isn't completely out 
to lunch (mmmmmm.. lunch....). Unfortunately I don't own this album, 
which is f**king amazing, but impossible to find.

> but then again, i don't even own OCTA...

Good strategy...wait a few years until it ends up in the bargain bin with 
smeared and 2r...then it'll cost ya next to nuthin' ;).........


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