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Sunday Night

Howdilly Doodlilly folks! I'm writing to say a few things, first of all One
chord to another is a fantastic album in my opinion, and that's just what it
is...an opinion.  There's lots of them out there, everybody whose been
snapping at genius remember that you're *probably* not going to change his
mind so why tell him he's wrong? 
        Also, I don't know about other people, but I really hate going
through mail that is (in my mind) really mean! Today especially there have
been so many attacking posts and frowns that it brings down the fun level in
sloan-net.  Remember friends, this is all for fun so don't take other people
too seriously.         I'm also advertising for this Sunday's undernet
meeting.  9 in halifax, 8 eastern...etc.  #sloan-net  last Sunday's meeting
was hours of good clean fun until good ol' Mike Pick showed up and broke
everything! oh well! bye for now friends.

                        If you convince me,
                        and I convince you,
                        would there not still be
                        two points of view?