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Sappy tour dates + new releases

Okay, here is the latest round of confirmations for the Sappy tour--there are
still some gaps to be filled in, but a lot of people have been asking, so
I thought I'd post what I know:

25	Ottawa (Zaphod's 19+)
26	Oshawa (Moon Room wet/dry)
27	St Catherine's (Viper Club wet/dry) w/instore \!/ Sunrise that afternoon
28	London (Call the Office wet/dry)
30	Hamilton (X-Club wet/dry)
4	Sudbury (Townhouse)
6	Winnipeg (Ozzie's 19+)
8	Saskatoon (Amigo's)
9	Regina (Antilles)
11	Vancouver (the Gate)
12	Whistler (Boot Pub)
13	Victoria (the Limit)
16	Calgary (Republik)

24	Guelph (Albion wet/dry, I think)
27	Toronto (Lee's- BG & OG \!/ Squirtgun release w/ Radioblaster etc.)

Email me if you have any questions. ^_^

PS- In other news, there are three, count 'em three new Sappy releases to
be announced-- a new Orange Glass 7" called Meet the Robot,
a Moon Socket CD complete with electric guitar, bass and drums (very 
sweet, believe me) and finally the first North American release by Sweden's 
stellar Lousy, a 6-song single that's about as good as pop music gets. 
All of these are available from Sappy, but don't order until, like, August
'cos we're all going to be gone 'til then. ^_^