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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

>4-on a totally different note, most people who think the Super Friendz 
>are wicked, do so on the strength of having seen them play live, in a 
>little venue that held no more than 40 people, and having them cram 20 
>songs one after another 'cause they gotta be off the stage in 20 
>minutes...THAT is what won us over...they were touring way before the 
>album came out, and seeing them live you can truly appreciate how special 
>they are. The album is pretty good, but live you can really see those 
>boys shine

i gotta agree w/ this one.. to tell u the truth, i found the superfriendz
recorded material rather boring. but when i saw them play live, i thought
that they were really great. i went home and listened to their album again
but to my dismay, still found it boring. i think what these guys put into
their shows - all that energy, u can tell they really enjoy playing live
and what they do - that make them so appealing. well, at least to me
anyway.. i know a lot of ppl out there like them for their music but
myself, i guess i just like them live.

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!