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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

geneyus wrote:
>If this is really how you feel, and only you would know, then that's totally
>cool.  Historically, however, teen dream bands have usually been followed by
>doe-eyed teenage girls who really aren't paying attention.

i can't *believe* you're fucking saying this.  Can i hopefully be SOMEHOW
misunderstanding you??  I guess smart little boys are just too damned genius
to be blind.... and we all know how they just *love*/and always *do* pay
attention to everyone and everything.  I guess us poor girls couldn't slap
the doe out of our eyes to pay attention to an actual guitar string... oh
and how i WAS hoping to appreciate sloan for their music.  But,
historically, i couldn't see past their haircuts and the bulge in their
pants, so who am i to make an opinion, let alone valid criticism??

ok.  NOW your defenses can go up. 

CAitlin. ;)