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Re: "OCTA" is unique in todays music

>Sure maybe "OCTA" has that beatle sound, but most people who like Sloan
>didn't grow up listening to the beatles, so they won't feel insulted by this
>album. In todays music scene "OCTA" is very unique, it has a diverse sound
>which many bands lack. Most bands today fall into the same sound which is
>known as alternative, but Sloan does not fall into this black hole of music.
>Sloan album is so refreshing to hear, it gives off a different sound which
>is hard to classify in a catogory. Thanks.

Totally, totally what I think of OCTA.  It's so nice to hear such a SLICK
album in a world of noise-rock.  (Now, don't get me wrong, I love all that
guitar-noise-stuff, i truly do, but sometimes you just want something pop-y
yet smooth.)  My favorite song (because I know you all really, really care)
is "a side wins" because I love it's circus-y appeal.


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