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Sloan/Jale in Cleveland, OH

>on june 11, dale wrote this concerning the sloan/jale show in cleveland:
>>if you'd like I can call for other info, and even some directions
>dear dale,
>     you are awesome!  thanks so much for all the info.  Everything else would
>be freakin'appreciated like crazy, especially all ages?  even though I live in
>Ontario I would still like to go to this show, 'cause there's no way I'm
>spending $130 to see Bush x and Live and all that crud at edenfest.  Anyway,
>thanks again, and if you do have the time, I'd love to hear some more info.

Darn tootin' I'm awesome. Let's hear it for me.

It's an all-ages show for $6. It's put on by suckerpunch productions
(216-556-3638). Jale are headlining and there's one other band whose name
escapes me.

To the Euclid Tavern:

You'll want to be on I-90 (the major east-west highway) east of downtown.

Get off on Martin Luther King Boulevard and head South (away from the
Lake). MLK is a nice, pleasant drive through a nice park. Be sure to lock
your doors and stay in your car, though.

The second stop light you come to will be East 105th. There will be an
oddish circle on the other side of the street. You can either go
mostly-straight-and-rightish or mostly-straight-and-left-and-up. Either
direction is fine and will get you to Euclid Avenue.
Mostly-straight-and-left-and-up (this direction will make sense once you're
there, trust me) is a little more direct.

Make a left onto Euclid Avenue.

The Euclid Tavern is a couple miles down the road to your left. There will
be some street parking and there are some University lots right near there.
I think you can still park in those at
night. The address is 11629 Euclid Ave, the phone # is 216-227-7788.

If you go under a railroad bridge you've gone too far.

If you go past the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, you're going the wrong way.
But you can wave at ny office if you'd like.

The drinking age in Ohio is 21, by the way. I know it sucks. I blame Ronald
Reagan. If you are old enough to drink, they serve Guiness in the big,
black cans.

Mmmmm....  ...Guiness.

I'd invite any sloannetters makng the trek to crash at my place that
evening, but I'll be in Vermont at the time.

Oh, and my band got invited to play the Euc' on the 21st. If the guy had
said the 22nd I would have stayed home and opened for Sloan. It would have
been wicked and it would have rawked.

I'm getting my copy of the new Sloan record on Saturday, dammit. I haven't
heard the damn single or seen the damn video yet. I saw some of the new
Jale on Fax the other day. It rawked and Laura is still playing that cool

love and lunch,