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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

1-people will like the new Sloan album because 
	a)it's a pretty good album
	b)it's Sloan
	c)it's Sloan, and we love them 
	d)it's not an unknown band we've never heard of
	e)admit it, they're pretty "cute looking boys"
	f)they've put out pretty damn fine music in the past

the same people who are loving this new album probably may have
mocked and dissed that new Blur album (which is way more Beatles inspired 
than any Oasis album, IMHO) and dismissed it as "britpop"...let's face 
it, if Sloan were from England, and being cute boys and everything, 
they'd have britpop slapped all over (and we all know britpop is largely 
used as a pejorative on these shores)...so yeah, it's canadian britpop at 
it's greatest...it's not great, but it's pretty good...it's not 
groundbreaking either...it's pretty good, and that's good...I'd hate to 
see a talented band wasting their chops.

2-Smeared is not grungey...not in the least...you couldn't get any 
farther from it, really...Sloan were, as has been stated by Geneyus, more 
influenced by the british scene at the time...all that shoegazer stuff...
but where I'll disagree, is that if I recall correctly, probably the 
band to which Sloan owed most of its early sound was Ride...they said so 
themselves...and I remember when 2X came out, Chris said that the first 
album was very much inspired by bands like Ride (in particular that second 
album, with "Leave Them All Behind"...the name escapes me), but that 
for 2X, they wanted to get away from all that stuff and wanted a more 
melodic sound...I recall Murphy saying that when Smeared was being 
recorded they were listening to tons of Ride and MBV, but that "they 
had grown bored of that stuff" (which kinda pissed me, because I really 
still liked Ride when he said this :))...it may have been that interview 
they did on the Wedge, when Simon Evans told them that he thought the video 
for Coax Me looked like crap, and they agreed :) so if you're looking for 
early influences, and you're looking the way of Seattle, you're looking for 
the wrong coast line :)

3-this is *not* Sloan's definitive sound...it was the Beatle's definitive 
sound...noone before the Beatles sounded like that; that's what made it 
unique *then*. the new Sloan sound is pretty good...very Beatles influenced, 
but definitively not "their" sound...they will continue to evolve, and when 
they finally reach their "definitive sound", it won't matter...OCTA is a 
good album...but I feel the same way as I felt about Elastica...it's cool 
sounding, and at least they've borrowed from a band worthy of borrowing from.
Let's just say that to date, Sloan has released 3 fine albums, and I just 
hope they continue to grow and evolve, and that they do not become afraid 
of experimenting with sounds that are both new and old. It's cool that 
they pay their respects where they are due, and that they are in no way 
shying away from their influences on this album...they say it's blatantly 
and unabashedly Beatles...they've said it all along...it's no time to 
feel shocked...

Your favourite Sloan album may be a reflection on your personal taste 
with regards to the kind of sound that influenced each of the different 
albums...but it's wrong to say that Smeared sounded "more fresh"...it 
sounded like noisy melodic pop...and I already liked Ride, so I liked 
Smeared...but there was nothing new about that sound either...and there 
was nothing new about Ride's sound either, except that it was probably 
the first shoegazer band to use two guys doing vocal harmonies and the 
first to start shifting from the more dense guitar sound, to a 
somewhat more melodic style.

4-on a totally different note, most people who think the Super Friendz 
are wicked, do so on the strength of having seen them play live, in a 
little venue that held no more than 40 people, and having them cram 20 
songs one after another 'cause they gotta be off the stage in 20 
minutes...THAT is what won us over...they were touring way before the 
album came out, and seeing them live you can truly appreciate how special 
they are. The album is pretty good, but live you can really see those 
boys shine

or whatever....