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Re: nardwuar

>just don't let J Rocchi know this....he thinks *he* should be a national 
>treasure :) yet he's not...holy vitriol...talk about taking your job as 
>indie rock guy/college station dude a bit too seriously...kids...a lesson 
>to be learned from Rocchi's display is that when you grow up to be a 
>campus radio head guy, you shouldn't remember where you came 
>from...that's right....a snot nosed pimply young person who started 
>working at the campus station so you could get to listen to all that cool 
>indie stuff without having to pay for it...

        Pimply, sure, I can accept that- but I have never been snotnosed. I
don't take the College radio guy thing too seriously- this is my last day
at CHRW, so now I'm just a layperson...and the N-man ? well, he just burns
my ass mucho. 

        If I had to become a moronic yammering idiot to become a national
treasure...well, good luck Narduwar. Does his pony do any other tricks ? 
"Against The Grain"