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Re: A second listen...

I can no longer remain neutral.....

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, geneyus wrote:

> My Dear Sloan-net,
> Picked up a copy of "One Chord to Another" and gave it 100% of my attention
> over the last couple of days.  Though I think the disc is well produced, I
> can't get past what they obviously lifted from the Beatles ("Oh God, is he
> starting that Beatle thread again", sighed a disgruntled teen in a
> Superfriendz t-shirt.).  All of you kiddies who may not be familiar with the
> Beatles' material, (particularly Revolver, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road)

You know, I would have to agree with you only in the sense that the 
new album doesn't impress me that much, partly because of the beatles 
thing, but mainly because I find this album to be radically different 
from both Smeared and 2r......

HOWEVER, I am not dismayed by this at all.....

That is because I felt the exact same way when 2r came out. I didn't 
like it either, and I thought coax me was a bit lacking when I heard it on 
the radio for the first time (kind of the way I feel about the good in 
everyone right now). But after a while, 2r really grew on me and is now 
one of my top ten albums. I find that all my favourite albums (with the 
exception of the stone roses s/t) were one's that I didn't like at 
first, and I know that OCTA is just keeping with this trend, and it 
will grow on me after a while. It seems to me though, that falling for 
Twiced Removed is a pre-requisite for liking OCTA, so geneyus, I think 
you'd have to give 2r more time to sink in before tackling OCTA...



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