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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

geneyus wrote:

> >I'm never going to buy an album by a band I love and think "I
> >don't know if I'm going to like it, I haven't heard it yet!"  Why would I take the risk of buying it then!
> For that reason alone.  Taking a chance.  I heard the Sloan singles on 
>the radio, didn't like them, and still bought the album because it 
>needed to given a chance.  I don't write things off before I actually 

What you are describing is blind faith.  If you didn't like the singles, 
and you bought the album, you are doing exactly what you were cutting 
up beforehand.  You were showing signs of the "blind faith" syndrome.  
Get help.... 

> >And as for the Smeared vs. Twice Removed and OCTA issue...
> >Smeared borrowed much more from the whole grunge scene than Twice
> >Removed borrowed for anything.  Twice Removed sounds much more unique an > >album than Smeared does.
>Smeared owes nothing to the "Grunge" scene, whatever that is.  

...too cool to remember grunge?  (I just extracted the meaness from the 
previous comment!)

>They sounded nothing like Nirvana, the jumpin' Purl Jamboree, 
>Soundgarden, >Alice in Chains, and the rest of the list of bands that 
>had nothing to >do with each other outside of location.  If you want to 
>name names, >look at My Bloody Valentine.

I still say that Smeared sounds "grungy," while Twice removed sounds 
more poppy.  I my opinoin, grunge is a much more narrow type of music 
than the all encompassing "pop" style of music.  I do agree though,