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Re: A second listen...

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, geneyus wrote:

> It's been a busy day for Geneyus.  Thank God work gives me time to get down
> to the real bid'ness.  Here goes...

i know *i* sure feel lucky today! ;)

> >you mean it's not??? who the heck are the beatles? i've never heard of 
> >them...oh wait...wasn't that guy....er...jim lemmon? you know, the dead 
> >guy? wasn't he in the beatles?
> >oh come on! yes...us "KIDDIES" have never heard of the beatles! oh 
> >enlighten us puh-leeeeze!
> Give me a break King Sarco of Mockery county.  There are obviously people
> out there who aren't familiar with the Beatles.  Are you telling me that
> everyone out in Sloannetia has a copy of Revolver?  Highly doubt it yer majesty.

no need for the formal names ;)
i never said everyone in "sloannetia" has a copy of revolver, nor should 
they be expected to, but i'd certainly be surprised if anyone on this 
list could honestly *NOT* notice the beatles-sound on any recent sloan 
...and of course as other people have noted, there's obvious ccr, stones 
and even some t-rex, from what i hear in it!
nobody is completely original, and there's always an influence.

> >well, you know what they say..."amateurs borrow, professionals steal!"
> Great line :)

i always liked it :)

> >ringo patented it? wow! chalk one up for them-there beatles...they must 
> >have been some smart cookies! ...wow...just think...patenting a drum roll...
> I'm using patented as a...well...forget it...
> Anyways you being the ultimate Beatles' fan obviously recognize the rolls
> (and sound for that matter) that I'm talking about.
> Duhn...Duhn...tst...duhn, duhn duhn (triplets).  It's as obvious a signature
> as an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo.

sure, or as a keith richards guitar lick....but in saying that, you're 
*obviously* saying that there *is* an undeniable beatles influence which 
you totally deounced before!

oh...and by the way...i'd hardly call myself the ultimate beatles fan.
my copy of revolver doesn't have "and your bird can sing". i can't call 
myself a beatles fan now ;)

> >are any of the beatles albums still available anymore? 
> I've heard that they are but they don't sell them to indignant, disgruntled
> teens who aren't ready to really listen with an open mind.

yeah...i turned away a *lot* of kids who wanted to buy beatle albums when 
i worked at sam's. instead, i helped them out when they were short on 
cash buying alanis morrissette cds ;)