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Re: A second listen...

It's been a busy day for Geneyus.  Thank God work gives me time to get down
to the real bid'ness.  Here goes...

>you mean it's not??? who the heck are the beatles? i've never heard of 
>them...oh wait...wasn't that guy....er...jim lemmon? you know, the dead 
>guy? wasn't he in the beatles?
>oh come on! yes...us "KIDDIES" have never heard of the beatles! oh 
>enlighten us puh-leeeeze!

Give me a break King Sarco of Mockery county.  There are obviously people
out there who aren't familiar with the Beatles.  Are you telling me that
everyone out in Sloannetia has a copy of Revolver?  Highly doubt it yer majesty.

>well, you know what they say..."amateurs borrow, professionals steal!"

Great line :)

>ringo patented it? wow! chalk one up for them-there beatles...they must 
>have been some smart cookies! ...wow...just think...patenting a drum roll...

I'm using patented as a...well...forget it...

Anyways you being the ultimate Beatles' fan obviously recognize the rolls
(and sound for that matter) that I'm talking about.
Duhn...Duhn...tst...duhn, duhn duhn (triplets).  It's as obvious a signature
as an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo.

>are any of the beatles albums still available anymore? 

I've heard that they are but they don't sell them to indignant, disgruntled
teens who aren't ready to really listen with an open mind.