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sloan influences and influences in general

heya swingers.......

        I'm gonna get this off my chest so bare w/ it, you might learn
something. Music has been documented from 100's if not 1000's of years, its
just common sense that music will tend to sound alike due to the fact that
theres only so many chords, so many drum rolls, so many bass runs etc etc.
Do you think someone wakes up one day and says "Oh I wanna start a band, I
think I will", if you do sorry to burst yr bubble, but in most cases its
someone hears an album or a song they like and are inspired, and in most
cases also emulate the bands sound. I can go on forever about how thr royal
trux are complete rolling stones rip off's, or how oasis basically bite the
whole beatles sound, or how the teenage fanclub are big star wanna be's, but
I'm not, you know?? Cause I realized that a band tends to emulate that band
that got them into music to begin w/. All I wanna say is that the music of
today will always sound like something of the past, no matter what the band,
you'll always be be able to pin some sort of influence. I'm done.....

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