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Re: A second listen...

>I think _one chord to another_ is a sign that they're growing.  They
>spent a lot of time on the song writing and recording, and i think it really
>really shows.  And no, they don't seem to go with the flow.  Apparently,
>they consciously recorded _Twice Removed_ as a pop album rather than a more
>guitar driven record in order to separate themselves from the hundreds of
>mediocre guitar bands out there.  They have *chosen* to take this direction,
>and there's no lookin' back, baby :)

Going with the flow suggests having the freedom to make choices.  Coasting
would have them continue on the same course.  You suggested that this album
is the real Sloan, but seeing as there was a drastic change from Smeared to
Twice Removed it's not unlikely that they'll move other directions as well.
We know that some of the guys like White Zombie, so who knows?  Maybe the
next Sloan album will be a skate punk thing.
>Okay, i see your point there, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

It's not a bad thing if it's put in perspective.  Sloan can do whatever they
like.  It's just ridiculous when people look at the album as something