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Re: A second listen...

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, geneyus wrote:

> Picked up a copy of "One Chord to Another" and gave it 100% of my attention
> over the last couple of days.  Though I think the disc is well produced, I
> can't get past what they obviously lifted from the Beatles ("Oh God, is he
> starting that Beatle thread again", sighed a disgruntled teen in a
> Superfriendz t-shirt.).  All of you kiddies who may not be familiar with the
> Beatles' material, (particularly Revolver, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road)
> probably think this stuff is uniquely Sloan's.  

you mean it's not??? who the heck are the beatles? i've never heard of 
them...oh wait...wasn't that guy....er...jim lemmon? you know, the dead 
guy? wasn't he in the beatles?
oh come on! yes...us "KIDDIES" have never heard of the beatles! oh 
enlighten us puh-leeeeze!

> It's not that it just has a Beatles' sound, they've lifted actual parts.

well, you know what they say..."amateurs borrow, professionals steal!"

> It amazes me that Andrew is allowed to get away with Ringo's patented  
> drum rolls without someone batting an eye. 

ringo patented it? wow! chalk one up for them-there beatles...they must 
have been some smart cookies! ...wow...just think...patenting a drum roll...

> Even Oasis manages to keep away from them...well...sort of...

yes, and lets just say that oasis will probably only end up "flavour of 
the month" at best...and i'm not saying they're bad, but i don't think 
they'll have staying power. they are becoming stagnant already.

> Last night I put on my copy of Smeared and remembered what I loved them for.
> I'd say it's time for the boys to take a left turn off Abbey Road and keep
> driving until sundown.  There's a real Sloan album waiting in the promised land.

....and that promised land is the 3rd floor of sam's on barrington street 
behind the country music section where the sloan "product" will end up! ;)

> I've already got Revolver and it's my favorite Beatles' album...Geneyus.

i've got "one chord to another" and it's rapidly becoming my favorite 
beatl....er...sloan album!

are any of the beatles albums still available anymore?