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Re: A second listen...

>Smeared_ was released four years ago when the band was young. Get
>over it.  This is the real sloan, they've been doing this popier stuff for
>some time now.  I don't expect you to blindly love everything that the band
>does, but maybe if you haven't liked anything they've done for the past four
>years you should re-examine your reasons for calling yourself a *sloan fan*,
>which i assume you are since you are on *sloan-net*.  And who cares if they
>lift stuff from other bands, who doesn't?

Never said that Smeared was the only thing I liked.  In the post prior to
today's I did mention how I enjoyed Twice Removed.  "Loosens" is one of my
favorite Sloan songs.  I just happen to think Smeared was an exceptional album. 
This is the real Sloan?  Sad to hear that they won't grow anymore.  I,
however, don't believe this for a second.  They've always seemed to go with
the flow, so how do you know where they will end up?  They probably don't
know themselves.  Are you a psychic?  Where am I going?

As for lifting material, there's a difference between using your influences
and ripping them off.  Smeared was obviously influenced by Sonic Youth and
My Bloody Valentine, but at the same time it didn't sound like either of
them.  "One Chord..." uses stuff that might as well be samples.