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Re: This is risky, but something had to be said...

Rick Waterman wrote:
>         I agree with you. Just because a band that we all like puts out
> new material, we should actually listen to it with an open mind, and
> after the album is finished, form an opinion on it. I find that people
> are quick to judge things by blind faith alone.

I don't fully agree with this. We should listen to an album with an open 
mind, but... I don't think that many people like sloan's new release 
only because they like the band or the band's previous work. I think it 
would be hard to force yourself to like something that wasn't good.  If 
this was the case, if we all had blind faith or loved anything a band 
released simply because we like the band, we would all like Smeared as 
much as we like Twice Removed (which isn't how I feel).  Most people who 
like the new sloan album most likely "actually" like it, because they 
believe it's good.  Maybe what I'm trying to say didn't come out that 
well, but too many people critize me or others by saying the same thing 
(the blind faith bit), just because they themselves don't like the 
record, which doesn't mean my liking it isn't valid.  
	I'm never going to buy an album by a band I love and think "I 
don't know if I'm going to like it, I haven't heard it yet!"  Why would 
I take the risk of buying it then!
	And as for the Smeared vs. Twice Removed and OCTA issue...  
Smeared borrowed much more from the whole grunge scene than Twice 
Removed borrowed for anything.  Twice Removed sounds much more unique an 
album than Smeared does.  

> Before I heard the superfriendz, I heard so much about them, and how > great they are, but, when I heard them, they were nothing spectacular > 
to me, 

maybe those people thought the superfrienz WERE great

> On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, geneyus wrote:

> > >If you feel this way, then why the hell are you on SLOAN-net?

obviously he's on sloan net because he likes Smeared, which is a sloan 

> >
> > Why the hell do you think I'm on Sloan-net?  Because I like Sloan.  However,
> > I'm not about to rigidly accept everything they do blindly unlike some.
> >
> > Geneyus.


P.S. sorry for the jumbled up reply.