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RE: Eric's Trip Questions (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 04:51:00 PDT
From: Geoff <geoffc\!/subpop.com>
To: "'smtp:bradnat\!/oanet.com'" <bradnat\!/oanet.com>
Cc: Kerri <kerrih\!/subpop.com>, Joyce Linehan <joycel\!/empathy.subpop.com>
Subject: RE: Eric's Trip Questions (fwd)

Dear Brad,
     well, forgive the cliche, there's some good news and bad news. 
 Firstly, the bad.  "Songs about Chris" is all gone, on all formats, and 
probably won't appear through us again.  We did the original 45, and Sub Pop 
Europe did the CD5, both of which are now out of print and out of stock. 
 The 'gordon st. haunting' 45 is also gone till further notice, probably 
forever (again).  Sorry, we maybe should have made more, but it'll  be all 
the more special if you do find it.
     We still have the CD version of "nevermind the molluscs" still, which 
is on Sub Pop Europe.  You can order it through us for $7.00 plus shipping, 
4th class US = free, 1st class US = $3 plus $0.50 for each additional item, 
to Canada (air mail, no less) = $4 for the first item, $1 for each 
additional item.  We've also got a bunch of cool t-shirts and a good variety 
of etrip sideproject stuff.
     Orders can be made toll-free \!/ 1-800-SUBPOP-1 or on the web \!/ 
http://www.subpop.com  both of which need you to have a VISA or MasterCard. 
 Or, you can send a (US check) or Money Order to:
Sub Pop Mail Order
1932 First Ave, Suite 1103
Seattle, WA 98101

Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions.

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Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 16:29:13 -0600
From: John Nattrass <bradnat\!/oanet.com>
To: jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca
Subject: Eric's Trip Questions

Hi! This probaly will seem like a stupid question and everyone will know the
answer but me. oh well. Can I still get "songs about chris", "the gordon
street haunting" and the "never mind the molluscs" comliation. Could you
please let me know because subpop hasn't answered yet. Also I'm new to this
technology(and sloan net!) so could some tell what I have to do to go to the
meeting thing.

Thanks alot Brad