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sloan stuff (and i love you, nardwuar!! i really do!!)

haha, only on sloan net would there be more posts about nardwuar (god love
him!) than on the new sloan record. :)

i don't really have much to say about that there new record (what a lie),
except that it makes me feel happy. :) which is why i liked sloan in the
first place, their songs make me so happy. "anyone who's anyone" is a
killer, i didn't think the album version could live up to the live
screamin' murphy version, but it does. *sigh* :) also, very rarely has it
been the case where a recorded sloan product has thrilled me more than the
live versions, but so far, this album thrills me 100 times over. ok,
that's it for now. except the drums on "anyone who's anyone" remind me of
the introduction to the theme from "sesame street". and jay's "accent" is
kind of cute. and i like this record more than _smeared_ and _twice
removed_ - call me a sucker for good marketing, but it does seem more from
the heart.

one last thing for this post. sorry i haven't answered a lot of the mail
about les amis, i really apologize but i've been really busy. anyway, if
you want a copy of volume I, it's six dollars. if you want both volumes
(volume II will be done in the summer, i think we're waiting for three
more songs and that's it), it's $12. i am moving on saturday, but if you
have my old address (in calgary), don't fear, that mail will be forwarded
by my loving grandma. however, if you want to send an order to me at my
new address, here it is before i forget:

5512 charles street
halifax, nova scotia
B3K 1K2

or you could always send it to our daydream p.o. box office, too. that's
always at the end of listmanagerboy's signature. :)

i hope to see some of you at those ncrc shows, it's going to be fun. also,
one last reminder for all the canadians, please try to take in that
"gremlins of rock" tour when it comes to your city, a better deal for your
money you will not find. you want indie? we got indie. as seen in exclaim
magazine. check yer local listings, especially ontario kids.

ps/ nardwuar is way more fun than sloan, by the way, on any given day. :)

"He is the cancer!" - Police Chief Wiggums