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Re: nardwuar

>Nardwuar is a national treasure. Yes, his voice and manner can be annoying
>but there are two main reasons why he's so valuable: 1) through his radio
>show, record label and promotion of live shows he has given exposure to
>tons of worthy bands who might otherwise remain completely obscure; 2)
>through his obnoxious interviews he pokes fun at the star-making machinery
>behind the popular song, and this country could use a bit more of that.

Outside of the obvious (ei promotion of "worthy" bands), there is one reason
that justifies Nardwaur's existence.  He's pretty damn amusing.  He asks the
questions that need to be asked.  Too many people stick to the "bio goes
here" mentality of journalism.  We need people to shake things up.  His
interviews with Iggy Pop and Courtney Love were pretty hilarious in my
books.  Indie culture takes itself too seriously.  What many people don't
seem to realize is that there is a time to be serious and a time to have
fun.  But hey, it's not a perfect world now is it?