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Re: nardwuar

> Nardwuar is a national treasure. Yes, his voice and manner can be annoying
> but there are two main reasons why he's so valuable: 1) through his radio
> show, record label and promotion of live shows he has given exposure to
> tons of worthy bands who might otherwise remain completely obscure; 2)
> through his obnoxious interviews he pokes fun at the star-making machinery
> behind the popular song, and this country could use a bit more of that.

just don't let J Rocchi know this....he thinks *he* should be a national 
treasure :) yet he's not...holy vitriol...talk about taking your job as 
indie rock guy/college station dude a bit too seriously...kids...a lesson 
to be learned from Rocchi's display is that when you grow up to be a 
campus radio head guy, you shouldn't remember where you came 
from...that's right....a snot nosed pimply young person who started 
working at the campus station so you could get to listen to all that cool 
indie stuff without having to pay for it...I think we have covered this
"lack of substance/political agenda" before, and I'll say it once and say 
it again...it's just music kids...it's just music...sometimes I'd rather 
not hear anything at all than to hear some asshole's ideas being shoved 
down my throat...in the grand scheme of things, even Dylan is looking pretty
freaking hypocritical if you ask me....

we all got brains...and convictions (political or otherwise).  
Someone like Nardwuar is required in an indie college environment that 
thinks it's fucking hipper than thou and requires a safety valve...I don't 
like the guy either...but let him be...Nardwuar is no more/less "evil" than 
narcissistic self-righteous self-important self-aggrandizing
indie types who think they get to decide what is cool and what isn't cool 
in indie world...at least Nardwuar has made me laugh a couple of times 
here and there...