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Re: sloan instore in halifax, another view.

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, james r. covey wrote:

> By ANDY PEDERSEN --The Daily News
> And that's where the band focused its energy, good-naturedly rocking its way
> through seven of the record's British-style pop tunes: G Turns to D, Nothing
> Left to Make Me Want to Stay, Can't Face Up, Autobiography, The Lines You
> Amend, The Good in Everyone and Anyone Who's Anyone.

funny that...i must have been completely out of it....i missed them 
playing "can't face up"...i *do* remember them playing "everything you've 
done wrong" though ;)

> The cords-and-cardigan crowd listened attentively, remaining
> uncharacteristically immobile - it felt more like a wine-tasting than a rock
> concert.

well, i for one wouldn't have wanted to see a mosh pit in a record store ;)

> But it was, after all, the first time most in the crowd had heard the songs.

that wouldn't necessarily stop anyone. i've known of many people who go 
to shows just so they can "mosh it up".

oh well...cheers!