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Re: Narduwar and more

>>>Is it just me or do other people not know who Nardwaur is?
>>Narwaur is a riot, he works at the university radio station at UBC I think,
>>hes interviewed numerous people, including sloan and sonic youth who beat
>>him up, kinda. He also runs his own record label which only usually releases
>>1 album per year, due to the fact of him having no money....

        Well, that's one way of looking at it: another is that he's the
most inane, insipid, and chimpy person in Canadian Media. If Bob Dylan
asked the Beatles Why, when they had the whole world listening, were they
only saying  that they wanted to hold someone's hand, then somebody should
ask Mr. Ruskin why, with the access he undeservedly gets, he can only ask
people about their drug use in the 70's and getting chicks with LSD.
(Pierre Berton; Timothy Leary.) Narduwar makes Sook-Yin Lee and the rest of
the Muchsketteers read-out-loud club look like Greil Marcus in comparison.

        I interviewed him once for Id; it was the most singular unpleaseant
thing I have ever done. Yammering, childish, self-obsessed, devoid of any
aesthetic principles or merit, his ratchetjawed foolishness drove me
insane. The Evaporators are unpleaseant enough to listen to (Generic
Shouted garage Rock- ugh) without knowledge of the man; the realization of
his exsistence is such that it makes my teeth grind. 

        He calls himself the Human Serviette; as I've said before, that's
pretty much perfect: serviettes are cheap, not suited for adult situations,
unclean, and ultimately disposable. What Narduar and his ilk do is
perpetuate the ghettoization of Alternaculture; by refusing to take it
seriously, by treating it as an outlet for kicks and jackanapes, they turn
off thousands of onlookers who dismiss it as the irrelevant childishness
that Narduwar presents it as. Fun's fun, but a diet of nothing but
sugarfrosted crap flakes like Narduwar presents will rot you away as you
suffer from malnutrition of the critical faculties.

       Not having heard of Narduwar is like not having ever had dysentry;
it's for the best, trust me.
        I'd like him to go to Hell; I'd settle for just seeing him Go. 
"Against The Grain"