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sloan instore in halifax, another view.

                          The Daily News Worldwide


Thursday, June 13, 1996

Fans crowd into shop for rare Sloan show

By ANDY PEDERSEN --The Daily News

Sloan bassist Chris Murphy may sing "there's nothing left to make me want to
stay" but yesterday afternoon there were about 300 reasons crowded into the
Barrington Street Sam the Record Man.

The mostly high-school-aged Sloan fans pressed themselves into the smallish
space usually dedicated to CD stacks - craning their necks, standing on
their toes and even peering from the street through the store-front window -
to get what will probably be the summer's only taste of the Halifax band
playing live.

Several in the crowd had video cameras on hand; the recordings will no doubt
become hot properties among the city's dedicated corps of Sloan completists.

The little-publicized show coincided with the release of the band's third
record, One Chord to Another (Murderecords/MCA).

And that's where the band focused its energy, good-naturedly rocking its way
through seven of the record's British-style pop tunes: G Turns to D, Nothing
Left to Make Me Want to Stay, Can't Face Up, Autobiography, The Lines You
Amend, The Good in Everyone and Anyone Who's Anyone.

The cords-and-cardigan crowd listened attentively, remaining
uncharacteristically immobile - it felt more like a wine-tasting than a rock

But it was, after all, the first time most in the crowd had heard the songs.

Nevertheless, the popular quartet played enthusiastically and chatted
amiably with fans between the songs, asking if the sound levels were OK or
recruiting cheap labor for their indie label.

"We always need volunteers for Murderecords," said Murphy, whose new haircut
made him look hauntingly like Oasis rabble-rouser Noel Gallagher.

It was the same inviting atmosphere that has earned Sloan its reputation as
one of the country's crowd-friendliest bands.

After the band finished its short performance, things took on a
family-slide-show feel as the just-released video for The Good in Everyone
was played on a couple of TVs suspended from the store's ceiling.

Standing in the midst of his fans, Murphy half-jokingly tried to incite a
letter-writing campaign to MuchMusic.

Before the song starts in the video, the band members act out a surprisingly
faithful, three-minute parody of Easy Rider's drug-deal-at-the-end-of-runway
scene - instead of cocaine, they're pushing a guitar.

"They're thinking about cutting this out," Murphy called out as the video
ran overhead.

"That's not right."

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