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erased guitar + the swirlies


chris used to play guitar in sloan.  they recorded a bunch of songs that 
eventually became peppermint, and then they went back and touched them up 
before they were released.  at this point chris had been kicked off of 
guitar by patrick who knew more AC/DC riffs, so he got the job.  when 
they finished up the recrdings they ended up taping over or leaving out 
most of chris' guitar work.  but the whole recording of that record was 
quite loose (andrew plays guitar on some stuff, blahblhablha).  "erased 
guitar" is a joke.  funny.  ha ha ha.

second - the swirlies are not playing with eric's trip in moncton ... 
they opened, or were supposed to open, for et on some US dates.  this 
line-up is by all accounts a total crock, as the swirlies are by all 
accounts a far better band who are more popular, more crtiically 
acclaimed, more interesting, more innovative, more compelling and just 
plain better looking than et.  to see them opening for et would be an 
embarrasment to both bands.  (for proof, compare "purple blue" to "they 
spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons."  
actually there is no comparison.)  you can find the latest swirlies 
releases on taaaang! records at your nearest quality record outlet.