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Various OCTA

        1) Junior Panthers does stick out- not so much as the "25 or
6-to-4" horn part later on the album, but....My semiotic-stab-in-the-dark
would wager that the Junior Panthers are a local high school sports team..I
dunno why I think that, I just do.....

        2) Later on next week, I'll be posting the final copy of the
interview with Jay I did on Tuesday for Id. Politics, Geography, exactly
how Chris is a smart-ass, the question of America, writing songs about
pals, and glories which do hang about them like giant's robes upon a
dwarvish thief were all on the table as topics of discussion.

        3) Yeah, I still dislike the cheers at the start of "The Good in

        4) Anyone who doesn't dig 2x should consult their physician
immediately. *( 7- minute feedback indulgences excepted.) [That's not blind
loyalty speaking, that's appreciation of a good, important album.] No,  the
new one doesn't sound like the BK-WHNNNNOOOOAAAAARRRR of Smeared, but then
again why the hell should it have to ? 
"Against The Grain"