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sloan day activities & hardship post

Ohmygosh!  I never would have thought that sloan would have done so much
experimenting with horns!  I tell ya, it takes some gettin' used to.
	What an excellent day!  Me 'n my crew picked up the new sloan cd right at
10am, drove to a lovely park and played east coast scrabble (tripple points for
sloan related words), while eating peppermints and drinking concentrated oj
(yeah, so what if it's been done before!?) all frickin' day long!  Sooo much
fun!  We tryed making jello jigglers in the shapes of our favorite sloan
figures, but the molds were just too damn hard to make.  Oh well.  *appologies
to the nice girl (i seem to recall it was a girl) who posted her sloan party
ideas first (i ain't tryin' to coppy ya!  honest!)

	Ummm, also, for those of you I haven't scared away... I got the new
"cheerleader" 7' from endearing in the mail today, and the first song is
entitled: "why don't you and I smooth things over," just like the name of the
hardship post murder 7'!  (gasp!)  Any relation?  Or just a coincidence?

	listening to (((surround sloan))),