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Re: sloan

Ohhhhhh, such a sad story ;)  But at least you don't live in a town so
pathetic that there's not even one copy of the new Sloan CD :(  Just think
it's after 12 and I'm working on homework, boy it'd be nice to be listening
to the new Sloan wouldn't it be.


That's my sob story :(  

I guess I'll just have to pick one up at the Eric's Trip/Thee
Suddens/"Special Guests"
show on sunday :)  And it's so cool everyone at school's jealous of me :)  

btw, didn't the special guests some out with a new album yesterday ;)

See ya,

>Arghhh, I am so very jealous reading all of your reviews of the new album.  
>I was planning and picking it up during lunch today, but I was struck by a 
>nasty case of the 24 hour flu last night.  So I have been sitting around my 
>house all day wishing I had an ounce of energy to get out and buy it, but my 
>mom won't let me cuz I didn't go to school, blah, blah, blah...Now I've got 
>this lousy pain in my stomach which I can't tell if it is from the flu, or 
>just my mad fit of jealousy eating away at my gut.  Oh well, tomorrow is 
>another day....

and I honestly feel your pain ... really