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the rundown on the songs on "one chord..."

well, as chris said, he wants "to see this verbatim tomorrow on the 
f\!/#*ing 'net!", so here it is...his thoughts on their new album.
not *totally* verbatim, but mostly in his words...

"i'll tell you what the best songs on the record are..."

-"the good in everyone is good at first, but then you get bored of it 
  really soon..."
-"nothing left to make me want to stay, for me, (and i want to see tis 
  verbatim...) ummm, ahhh, is a song of mine. i thought it was super smart!
  nobody really thinks it's that great. i thought it was, like, genuis, 
  great melody and everything and really concise...and i think of it in 
  the same way as coax me, which is really concise and good."
-"autobiography is old...it's an old boring dirge...it was supposed to go 
  like...(proceeded to beat out on his chest how it was supposed to go)...
-"junior panthers is cool, uhh...got a good piano part in it..."
-"g turns to a d i don't like that much, but jay really likes....i just 
  think it's kinda crappy....it's alright, it's just, like, whatever..."
-"a-side wins i think is really f\!/#*in' smart! andrew basically kicks all 
  our asses on that one."
-"everything you've done wrong is good, but i find without the horns, 
  when we just played it live, i find it goes on too long."
-"anyone who's anyone i find is really smart and really good! ...i can never 
  do it...i've yet to ever do it. when we did it in the studio i just, like 
  sang it for as long as i could...."
-"the lines you amend...i think it's good too."
-"(take the bench) ...is a remake of an old dirge, ummm, that i think is 
  cool because it's in cool stereo....i don't know if you can...(goes to 
  the stereo in the store to try to figure out the panning left and right 
  on the amp)...anyway that song is not that great, but it's alright."
-"can't face up is really catchy but it goes on for too long (jay jumps 
  in..."are you turning up my favorite song?")...jay *hates* take the 
  bench and it should have been left off the record, but jay's third song 
  was such a stinker! it had to be left off....oh, he's gone...it's too late.
there you go chris...happy now? you wanted me to do it!
hee hee...
oh well...i'm off to bed.