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Re: exile on barrington street.

I *tried* to go to the instore today. I got off work a lil late
and tried to bike down but it was just too little too late. It 
may be a while before anyone get to see them in action for a while
but it's good to (almost) see them playing together once again.
Down with homework, up with Sloan,
the Halo Brenders

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Groovy Goddess wrote:

> The instore was indeed groovy.  The band signed my CD, and I was told 
> that what Andrew put was his little way of saying fuckoff, but anyway.  
> Jay wrote the word groovy, 'cause I told him that the show was groovy.  
> It made me so happy.  It was also the first time I'd ever really talked 
> to Chris, and well, he's really nice.  I got him to sign my arm because a 
> friend was video taping and thought that it would be groovy to get that 
> on tape.  By the way, if CM happens to read this, I haven't washed it off 
> yet (it's only been a couple hours), and the tattoo is looking kind of 
> tempting.  I don't even need to go to a tattoo place, a guitar string and 
> the motor from a hair dryer work just fine, don't they Shant?  teehee.
> I feel like a kid on a sugar rush
> -shannon