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Re: Sloan in Cleveland

> a week or 2 ago someone posted something about sloan and jale playing in
> Cleveland but then I went and erased it.  I was wondering if anyone had info
> on this show like ticket price, time, date, place, cost,  ALL AGES? etc. 
> sorry for bothering anyone.

It's at the Euclid Tavern on Sat. June 22. Alas, I'll be out of town on
that day 'cause I'd love to meet up with any sloan-netters manly enough
(even if they're chicks!) to brave the wilds of Cleveland.

Their address is 11629 Euclid Ave and their phone # is 216-229-7788.

If you'd like I can call for the other info, and even send you some
directions. Let me know before Friday, though. I'll be out of town
after that.

BTW, does anyone know if Sloan will be playing anywhere else (besides
windsor/detroit and cleveland) on this little 'mini-tour'? Buffalo,
maybe? I could maybe make it to that.


(am i the geezer from the states?)

"Paul Westerberg to the rescue!"
			-Mike Nelson