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Re: Sappy Tours in St. Catherines

the only confirmed dates for this tour are:
june 28 in london on (Call The Office)
july 27 in toronto on (Lee's Palace)
(I think the lee's show is in the afternoon and all ages but DON'T QUOTE ME
Ron Bates has promised to post all the dates when they are available, as
soon as I get more broken girl dates (she is on the tour as well) i will
post those as well.
so... nothing *confirmed* for the 27th of june, but rumours are rampant in
these quarters...


At 17:05 96/06/11 -0400, Mark Dunkley wrote:
>If anyone has any details regarding the Sappy Tour in St. Catharines,
>Ontario on June 27 would they care to divulge them with me?
>I would appreciate it very very much.
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