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Sloan, Eric's Trip

Sloan were on YTV Monday and today...
Monday's was at Murderecords - Colin M., Chris, Jay, & Marc Brown doing 
push-ups on the floor.  :)

Today it was on YTV news and from the day of the Toronto balcony concert. 
During the interview, Chris said: 
"Andrew's the musical sort of sophisticated, 'learned how to play piano in 5 
minutes'. Patrick is the hitmaker with the chorus that you just can't stop 
singing along to. My boy Jay - he's like, uh, the guy that you just want to 
hug and kiss...and he's just like a big teddy bear. He's like the production 
king. And then you got me, 'Ok Chris, we need five __?__ songs to round out 
this album' then I'm 'Ok, whatever and I just knock them off.'"

While he was saying this it said "Chris 'Ham' Murphy", Andrew 'Beatmaster' 
Scott, Patrick 'Hitmaker' Pentland, and Jay 'Teddy' Ferguson". :)
During the interview 2 "Sloan fans" asked questions like "What's going on 
with DGC?" and "What about those rumours that you broke up?". Those should 
be added to the FAQ. 

Also, there was a *little* bit on the Eric's Trip breakup on ASN news last 
night, they played My Room while talking about it...I noticed today that it 
was all word for word from what was written in the Chronicle Herald!